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What to draw??️ Drawing ideas.

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The drawing ideas generator is designed to help beginners and professional artists to choose the themes for their drawings as part of their regular practice. If you have nothing interesting, you may find something interesting.

It should be drawn regularly, and best of all every day. It’s not very difficult to come up with ideas for sketches at first, but after a while it’s not so easy to create an interesting new story. In order not to have time and energy to invent new themes, a generator of random ideas was created, which simplifies this task.

Using the generator, you can create unique ideas for drawings in a sketchbook or on paper based on customizable options, including 4 groups of settings:

The first answers the question “what.” This may be the appearance, condition, size or mood of the character.
This may be the profession of a person, an animal, a fairy tale character or an insect.
The third group is responsible for what the character does. “Simple action” is a single predicate, for example: it runs, lies, sits. A concrete action is a variation on the theme “doing something”.
The settings group “Where” includes urban objects and natural surroundings.
Added and killed options, you can create different stories. If you have a desire to draw fairytale characters or insects, simply turn them off in the settings and the generator. The result is a huge number of options and themes. Thus, you can create your own unique storyline for everyday pictures.

You see that you are already on your own, without any further effort.

Please note that it is not necessary to draw exactly what the generator Drawing ideas suggests the first time. Press the update button to get the plot that gives you an emotional response. Fantasy works much better.

To cause inspiration. This way, you can modify the generated plot as you please. For example, you had to portray it in the rays of the sun in a clearing. Why not? If you so wish. Feel free to interpret the hints the way you like.

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