Can you perform the ultimate rescue in VIP Guard? Time to switch on close protection mode and become a master of security! In this challenging, yet amazing and fun game, you’ll need to use all your skills. Here’s how to play. 1. Look for threats from your enemies. Spotted one?Continue Reading

Fight through masses of zombies and other monsters in this roguelike shooter and enjoy epic adventure full of crazy action. Zombie apocalypse rages once again and only a man of strong faith and even stronger weapons can find a solution. Features: * Roguelike shooter * Heavy RPG elements * BulletContinue Reading

In Benji Bananas Adventures, everyone’s favorite swinging monkey returns for more action in the jungle. This game is packed full of fast action and stories from The Jungle! Join more than 100 million Benji fans who already rave about how much fun Benji Bananas is. To the fans of theContinue Reading

Zombies against cool armed farmers! When the apocalypse arrived in the village, and only an old farm remained as a fortress, the surviving farmer managed to hide and defends himself against the zombies. Reflect the attacks of the attackers. Use special fortifications against zombies. Upgrade your arsenal, upgrade weapons andContinue Reading

Welcome to COOKING TEAM! 🤝 COOKING and SERVING delicious meals in Chef’s Jobs will help you BUILD and DECORATE your own RESTAURANT. Help Chef Roger decorate and open the new restaurant he dreamed of since childhood. You will go through incredible adventures, a beautiful story and an incredible amount ofContinue Reading

Physics Balls : Bounce In Loop Machine! HOW TO PLAY? Aim at breaking all bricks by one shoot: Swipe your finger and throw balls,Make them roll among the bricks. Hit items to make extra balls or double size ball. Prevent the bricks to reach the check-line! Features: ◉ Perfect physicContinue Reading

Test your soccer skills in Soccer Attack, an arcade game where you kick a soccer ball towards monsters to defeat them before they get to you! Test your ball control skills in this soccer themed horde game! Maneuver your soccer player to the ball with the joystick Kick the ballContinue Reading

Experience this killer bug invasion! Smash ants and bugs with your finger in this great game from Best Cool & Fun Games! It’s so addictive! Highly entertaining for boys, girls and grown-ups… Even your pets will love Ant Smasher! Features: 🐜 Several Ants and other bugs to Smash – EvenContinue Reading

Only those who hate zombies with all their heart survive after the apocalypse. Get the team of like-minded people and clean the streets of filth! Shoot, explode and bomb the undead on city streets. Discover new territories and explore the big world. Huge crowds of zombies, a lot of secretsContinue Reading